Monday, July 27, 2009


Thank you all for coming out to this year's Concert For A Cause. We really appreciate it!

Thanks to all the bands, Yellowstone Valley Brewing, Chuck Bishop, Dustin Baker, Dennis and PJ at ABC 6/Fox 4, Brook, Melissa & Janet, Steve, Paulie, Jake, Vern, John Kemmick, Chad Korb, Doc&Eddy's and all the volunteers that helped setup and take down.

We'll have another update very soon to let you know how much we raised!

P.S. Thanks to the rock gods for not letting it rain on us haha! It was a little scary for a while.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Alright, here we go! Tonight is the night!
10 bands for $5 and proceeds go to 2 awesome charities!
Plus we have a full bar and no pint limit!
$1 per pint will go to the causes and 10% of the bar will go to the causes! Even if you don't drink or your underage, have a glass or two of Yellowstone Valley's great tasting Root Beer! Yes, it's better then A&W!

Gates open at 4pm with music starting shortly after gates open.
Downtime will kick this year's event off! Other bands performing are-
From Womb To Tomb
The Reddmen
Noise Noise Noise
Montana Law
Flowers From Her
The Photo Atlas

All for just $5! All Ages!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad News... and Good News...

Unfortunately The Epilogues will not be able to make it. However we are pleased to announce that Flowers From Her will be taking the spot. If you missed them playing last night at the Railyard, you missed some new material. Be sure not to miss them again and be there THIS SATURDAY!!! Visit Flowers' Myspace page here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pen & Paige...

Thanks to Anna for writing a nice little blog about us! Check it out here.

CFAC Adds More! Please Welcome The Epilogues...

Concert For A Cause has added yet another band, and they are coming from Denver, Colorado. Please welcome The Epilogues! This band has a great mix of Indie Rock with a healthy serving of dance/electronica. Here is a little more info on them via their myspace-
It's probably safe to say that the most commonly asked question for a band is, "what do you sound like?" But after four years, The Epilogues still struggle to find an answer, but it's not for lack of trying. The four piece band out of Denver, CO has been shrugging in response to that question for most of its existence. The Epilogues began as two friends (singer/guitarist Chris Heckman and keyboardist Nathaniel Hammond) hoping to create something different in the Denver scene. After years of experimenting with tones and effects, as well as the additions of drummer Jason Hoke and bassist Jeff Swoboda, the band eventually stumbled onto the sound that would, in fact, set them apart from the rest. If you wanted to keep it vague, you could call them indie rock or even synth rock, but past that, the genre lines begin to blur. In their debut EP, "The Beautiful, The Terrifying," The Epilogues have somehow managed to successfully walk the line between mainstream and experimental music. The tracks seamlessly transition between such radio-friendly, pop-rock tracks as "Hurting You" and less traditional, electronic-influenced tracks like "On the Radio" or "Caroline." While there is no shortage of influences that gave rise to these songs, The Epilogues have a sound that is very much all their own. Meshing dark undertones with infectious dance hooks, you may not know what to call it, but one thing is certain... The Epilogues are a rare breed and are bound for the national spotlight.

For more information check them out by clicking here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009